Our Head Office is based at the Blackburn Rovers Enterprise Centre.

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All our contact and research includes:

  • Warehousing operation
  • Distribution operation
  • Pharmacy operation

All of which is handled in our head office in Blackburn, Lancashire, United Kingdom.

What is a Special?

A special is an unlicensed medicine prescribed to meet the individual clinical need of a patient when a suitably licensed medicine is not available. Provide of specials medicine for patients with specific needs, ‘Specials’ accounts for approximately 1% of all prescriptions in the UK, but account for more than 75,000 different formulations.

Address: Blackburn Rovers Enterprise Centre, Suite 7, Nuttall Street, Ewood Park, Lancashire, BB2 4JF

Phone: 0800 0192 701

Email: enquiries@pharmaspecialsltd.co.uk